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Board & Staff

The MTAM is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members of the Association at annual meetings. All Directors are Registered Massage Therapists and each serve two-year terms. Our affairs are also guided by enthusiastic volunteer committees who manage and run projects, and discuss and respond to issues within the profession.

Please contact the office for more information.

MTAM Board of Directors 2017-2018

Paul Kohlmeier (President)
Tami Laird (1st Vice President / Insurance & Risk Management Committee Chair)
Laura Stott (2nd Vice-President/Education & Continuing Competency Chair)
Jenessa Westervelt (Secretary/Treasurer/Director-at-Large)

Andrea Allingham (Regional Committee Chair)
Mitchell Beaudry (Research Committee Chair)
Aki Sugikami (Conference Committee Chair)
Tammy Wasylowski (Communications & Marketing Committee Chair)
Mid-term vacancy (Director-at-Large) Will be filled in the regular method at the 2018 AGM 


Sheila Molloy 
Executive Director

Tricia Weidenbacher
Education & Event Manager

Andrea Darling

Office & Administrative Manager

Laura Quilty

Administrative Assistant

Susan Jurkowski

Practice Manager & Advisor


Sue Kos-Whicher 

Ethics & Professional Responsibility Advisor


Shelly Bauer 

Practice Advisor


Melanie Brohm 

Practice Advisor

Christy Cook
Business Practice Advisor 

Murray Allan