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Dermo Neuro Modulating Workshop with Diane Jacobs is coming to Winnipeg!

Friday, May 25 to Monday, May 28, 2018 



Friday, May 25 to Monday, May 28, 2018 

Dates:   Friday 6:00pm-9:00pm | Saturday - Monday 9:00am-5:00pm

Location:  MTAM Education Centre, 175 Marion Street  Winnipeg, MB

This course is worth 24 Core Competency/Primary credits for MTAM members


Participants will need to bring a memory stick for support materials and a knee bolster (approx 10 inches or 25 cm high).  If you don’t have a knee bolster, please bring pillows or other bolster of an equivalent height.
This course requires a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants
MTAM Practicing, Non-Practicing and Retired Members: $675 PLUS GST
MTAM Associate Members & Students: $844 PLUS GST
Non-Members: $944 PLUS GST
Fee includes: Course manual, lunch and snacks
Manual therapy workshops tend to skip over the nervous system entirely; explanatory and treatment models tend to focus on tissue instead. The reality is that the nervous system manages 100% of everything, is only 2% of the human body, and uses 25% of available oxygen and glucose to do so, day and night. Another reality is that there are 45 miles/72 kilometers of nerves in the human body, each millimeter connected with the vascular system; everything we do manually affects that neurovascular array, and the nervous system of the conscious person we treat.
Can we learn to interact favourably with nervous systems, and nerves themselves, in a treatment setting? Dare we?
In this hands-on workshop participants will be introduced to the nervous system, current thinking on why it’s there, what it is, how it got there, what it does, what it needs, how to help guide it toward improved motor output and less pain. Participants will be provided with visuals and downloads that will familiarize them with all spinal nerves and neural plexuses of the whole body, and will be guided through a novel non-tissue based set of assumptions about human pain and physical dysfunction - assessment and treatment approaches for cutaneous and motor nerves from C1 to Co1, from the top of the neck to the ends of the toes.
Diane Jacobs has been a physiotherapist since 1971 (U. of Sask.) and a lifelong learner. She focused on learning manual therapy techniques in the 1980's, opened a solo practice in 1994, and never looked back. For the last 20 years she has worked to make manual therapy make more sense in terms of pain science; although we are taught to be operators on tissue, in fact we achieve better results by standing back a bit, and interacting with people and their nervous systems. She decided to call her new approach, DermoNeuroModulating. In 2016 she published a book by the same name. 
From 2005 to 2009 she helped establish the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's Pain Science Division. She is active online, helping to moderate SomaSimple, an online discussion forum for therapists, and several facebook pages. She writes a blog called HumanAntiGravitySuit.