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MTAM Continuing Competency Program

Changes will officially be introduced in 2018. Members will be notified individually. We have created approriate transitions to ensure timing is fair all members and future members. The Education & Continuing Competency Committee welcomes feedback on these changes.


All credits earned within a two-year cycle must be sent into the MTAM by a specific deadline for a member to be considered compliant in their cycle. Cycles will remain two years in length but will now begin on September 1st and conclude on August 31st two years later.

Why the change?  Each year we have an average of 70 people rushing to finish their credits. We know the summer months are a less busy time for members in general, so, ideally, they will now be better-able to fulfill their credits before the deadline. In addition, it is an administratively easier time for the staff to follow up with members who are challenged to get their credits in on time. Having to fine people or cancel their membership for non-compliance is one of the least favourite aspects of our work. We believe this change will help this unfavourable and time-consuming situation.

How does this effect me now? 
If you are in the 2016-2018 Cycle currently, you essentially have two more months to finish your credits. Your new deadline will be August 31, 2018.

If you are in the 2017-2019 Cycle currently, you essentially have two more months to finish your credits.Your new deadline will be August 31, 2019.
The 2018-2020 Cycle will be the first cycle back on the normal two year time frame which will begin on September 1, 2018 and have a final deadline of August 31, 2020.


In the past, the MTAM has granted all new graduates a two-year grace period from the continuing competency program. We will no longer have that grace period.

Why the change?  Traditionally, this grace period was created as it cost a lot of money to get primary credits and we were trying to give students a break. Today, there are many opportunities for new graduates to get additional and very important practice education at low or no cost to them. Many new graduates end up taking many of our courses anyway and the MTAM Board feels they will benefit a great deal by getting additional business, ethics and clinical education early in their careers.

How does this effect me now? 
All members currently in their new graduate grace period are unaffected. Only new grads beginning in January 2018 and going forward will not have this grace period.


The minimum 24 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) required during a two-year cycle will remain the same. However, the new policy will re-focus the type and quality of education by changing to a minimum of 18 CECs from Primary/Core Competency activities and up to 6 CECs from Secondary/Complementary activities. 

Why the change? Primary/Core Competency credits are CEC's obtained by taking education that is directly relevant to massage therapy scope of practice. Focusing competency and skill improvement on high quality education that is related to massage therapy will benefit each member and their patients. It is also in keeping with the National move to more relevant continuing education.

How does this effect me now? 
If you are in the 2016-2018 Cycle currently, you will finish your credits in 2018 based on the original policy. 

If you are in the 2017-2019 Cycle currently, you will finish your credits based on the new policy. We feel the amount of time given is appropriate.


The Board will be recommending that 4 of every member's 18 primary / core competency credits come from the annual completion of the new MTAM Self-Assessment Tool: a free resource to help you review your practice and plan your professional development.

Why the change?  This can help practitioners reveal valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses and set a course for focused skill building. Self evaluation enables members to identify their strengths. Strengths may be used to help support MTAM by becoming a mentor, become a top practicum clinic, teach, joining a committee or the board. It also allows members to identify areas they may need to improve or enhance.

About the MTAM Continuing Competency Program

Continuing competence is the ability to continually enhance and expand your knowledge, observable behaviours and performance of skills to practice safe, competent and ethical care.

Continuing competency is a cornerstone of ethical, professional and competent practice in health careThe MTAM implemented a compulsory Continuing Education program in 2002 and currently all MTAM members participate in the Education & Continuing Competency Program. The program is designed on a two-year cycle, and each member is assigned to a particular two-year cycle based on their graduation year and year of joining the MTAM. Each practicing and non-practicing member must achieve 24 approved continuing competency credits within each cycle; at least 16 of these credits must be "primary credits" while the remaining 8 may be either "primary" or "secondary" credits. If a member does not achieve the requirements of the continuing competency program, they risk losing their membership. 

MTAM Members Continuing Competency Progress 

  • 92% of the members in the 2015-2017 education cycle completed their CE credits and over 5% had 100 credits or more!

  • The Board will be finalizing details for a few changes to the MTAM CE program, including a new, more practically-timed deadline for the current and future cycles. This announcement will be made in early October. Watch for it!

  • Why does the MTAM spend so much effort monitoring and storing member continuing education credits? A number of members have asked why we take so much time to follow up with members and ensure they get their education credits completed in their 2-year cycle. It does cost us a lot of adminisitrative time as up to 15% of our RMT's per cycle hurry to complete anywhere from one to all of their required credits the month before the June 30th deadline. We work diligently to help them find quality choices to fulfill their requirements. Why?

The MTAM believes it is part of our role as an Association to assist our members to meet their professional obligations. We also believe it is most convenient for us to keep account of member continuing education to ensure they are ready for the day that our Legislation is active and a Regulatory College opens in Manitoba. We take pride knowing we can hand over every member file to the College, ready to go!

Equally important: by knowing the education our members have taken, we can ensure we are responding to challenges, interests, and needs of emerging health care issues, modalities and techniques. This is also how we know which members have expertise in certain areas of Massage Therapy and can ensure we send Manitoba patients to the right health care practitioners. 

Course Approvals

The MTAM currently approves education courses for members to fulfill their Continuing Education needs. This role will eventually transition to a Regulatory College once in place. Read more about our road to regulation and current updates.

The MTAM Education & Continuing Competency Approval Committee meets regularly with the responsibility to review continuing education workshops, seminars, and courses for possible continuing competency credits. It may take up to 8 weeks to complete a course review.

To complete the process, the Committee requires detailed information from the course provider/instructor who is seeking credit approval. The Committee encourages members seeking approval for a course to send the course provider to this on-line approval application:

Please contact the MTAM Education & Event Manager if you have any questions. Phone: (204) 927-7976