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Each year, there are a number of community organizations looking for RMT's to help them provide massage therapy for wellness days, post-event massage for sporting events, walks, runs, and a host of other great opportunities.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, earn education credits, reach potential new clients and for that great feeling you get when you give back! Check back often to see who needs your help...

Chartered Professional Accountants of Manitoba (CPA Manitoba) is seeking 3-4 Massage Therapists to provide hand or neck massages as part of a wellness lounge at the 2018 CPA Manitoba Conference taking place on June 20 & 21 at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

We hope to provide a beneficial experience for you and would be happy to offer logo placement on the wellness lounge signage, our event website and our event app. We typically host between 475-500 attendees at this event (all of which who are professional accountants, mainly working in Winnipeg).


We would only need these services provided during the networking breaks during our Conference. A schedule for the event can be seen here -


We would also be looking for the massage therapists to provide their own tables (if required) and massage oil or lotion.


If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Sarah Lipinski at or 204-924-4418.


Winnipeg is hosting the Canadian Baton Twirling Championships at U of M this July

I am reaching out to members of the community to see if they are interesting in purchasing a vendor table at this event to promote their services or sell merchandise . The table/space rental is $25 per day.

I have attached a letter outlining details.

Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone 204-231-1078.


Winnipeg Transit Wellness Fair

Date : Wednesday June 27 , 2018

Time :  1030-1430

Location : Brandon Garage (Brandon Ave)

Will be held in conjunction with our employee appreciation BBQ

Set up – please advise of any requirements,  as we will have space/tables available for 2 -3 people

Contact information :  Please rsvp by June 20


Cheryl Mann BA(KIN), CAT(C)

RTW Coordinator

Winnipeg Transit, Human Resources

City of Winnipeg