COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

(Last updated – May 25, 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change rapidly, as does the information available regarding directives and recommendations. MTAM is working tirelessly to convey information and develop resources for you to effectively manage through this pandemic.

MTAM will continue to operate a remote office to ensure that members have access to practice advice and support. The best way to reach a member of the MTAM staff is to email

This page is dedicated to COVID-19 information and is available on the public side of the website so that you and your staff can easily access the information. Other resources are specific to MTAM members and are found in the Member Portal under the Business Tips & Practice Advice section. We encourage you to check these pages daily to look for new and/or updated information.

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RMTs Included in Phase 1 of Manitoba's Restoring Safe Services Plan: RMTs are permitted to resume practice on May 4th.

Starting May 4, Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) may re-open for business under specific guidelines stated in the Restoring Safe Services Plan for Manitoba. The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) recognizes re-opening involves multifaceted considerations, primarily the safety of the public and its members, and is there to provide guidance and support. 

The Restoring Safe Services Plan, announced on April 29, lays out a phased approach for re-opening Manitoba’s economy; RMTs are included in Phase 1. Prior to re-opening practices, RMTs will follow guidelines and protocols put forth by Manitoba’s government. 

Public safety has always been of utmost concern for MTAM and its members. Patients are encouraged to contact their RMT with any treatment-related questions. MTAM members are aware of safety procedures and can answer questions or direct patients to contact Health Links as appropriate.As of May 4, 2020, clients can have eligible RMT treatments reimbursed by their extended health insurance. The public has responded quickly to the re-opening announcement, and RMTs have been receiving many requests for appointments. MTAM and its members ask the public to continue to be patient and understanding of the guidelines and procedures that RMTs must follow to be able to provide safe services.

The MTAM Board of Directors strongly recommends RMTs discuss the decision to return to work with co-workers, clinic owner(s), and family as may be appropriate to an individual’s circumstances. 

“MTAM members are committed to providing professional healthcare and delivering profound results,” says MTAM Board President Tami Laird. “They care about the safety of their patients and the public, and about upholding the guidelines and protocols to ensure we continue to flatten the curve. Returning to work is a personal decision; MTAM and its Board of Directors fully support members, whether they decide to return to work as of May 4, or need more time to prepare. We are in this together.” 

Top considerations for RMTs prior to resuming practice include:

  1. Discuss re-opening with clinic colleagues/contractors/employers/employees. All parties must be on the same page and understand how the clinic will address the guidelines specified in Phase 1 of the plan.
  2. Assemble any required personal protective equipment and other supplies as specified in the guidelines. This may take some additional time to complete before re-opening is possible.
  3. Communicate with patients. Inform patients of any policy/procedure changes, reassure them and invite them to ask questions. 
  4. Plan for a gradual re-opening and be prepared for the potential of any future shutdowns. Return to practice is not a return to our past normal. It is important to pay attention to updates from the government and be prepared for changes to public health orders which may occur on short notice.

MTAM encourages members to watch the Returning to Practice webinar, and to refer to the MTAM website COVID-19 page and Member Portal for updates and other resources. They may also contact MTAM for individual practice advice when needed.


Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Announcements
This section contains regular announcements or declarations by both Federal and Provincial Governments.

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Clinical Information
This section contains information on clinical resources available to practitioners based on Shared Health Manitoba, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the World Health Organization.

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Small Business Resources and Employment Insurance
This section contains information on how to manage the pandemic as a small business owner, including your responsibilities to your employees and what government supports will be available to employees and self-employed individuals. This is an area that we expect to evolve rapidly in the next few weeks as government support plans become more fully developed.

Financial Supports

Business Supports

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General Pandemic Information
This section provides links to trusted sources on the pandemic and a link to travel advisories that affect all Canadians.

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Additional Resources 

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