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 Tami Laird ~ Past President, Inclusive Practice Chair

Tami is the Past President of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM). Previously, she served as President, 1st Vice President and chaired the Insurance and Practice Management Committee for 5 years. With 17 years of experience as an RMT, Tami still enjoys working with and treating patients. 
Tami was born and raised in Wawanesa, Mantioba, on a small grain farm. After high school, she spent 10 years in the beauty industry, working in salons and teaching for hair product companies, before a foray into the financial industry. 
After having her daughters, she decided to go back to college and chose to attend the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba (MTCM), which is now Evolve College of Massage Therapy. She graduated in 2003 at the top of her class and was the recipient of the Ruth Campbell Award. She returned to MTCM and taught Functional Anatomy and Anatomy Lab for 2 years. She began her massage therapy practice in Winnipeg at MassageWorks before moving her practice to Niverville, Manitoba.
Tami has owned and operated Back in Balance Massage Therapy, Inc. in Niverville, Manitoba, for 15 years and currently has 6 therapists working in the clinic. She still loves taking continuing education to update her practice and help her patients.
Back in Balance Massage Therapy offers a wide variety of treatments, including massage therapy, hot stone massage, Bioflex laser therapy, craniosacral, and lymphatic drainage treatments.

Why did you choose to become an RMT?
When I was 19, I was rear ended at a red light, followed a few months later by a slip and fall on ice. I couldn’t lift my arms past 40 degrees. Luckily, there was a new massage therapist next door (this was 1990). After 3 treatments, she had me good as new. No chronic issues (the physio told me I might not get full range back). This same therapist began seeing me for manicures. When it came to the finishing massage for the arm and hands, she said to me, “Tami, you missed your calling...” Years later, when the opportunity to change careers arose, I didn’t think twice.  And here I am.

What do you like best about your job?
That it doesn’t feel like a job!

What advice would you give new RMTs?
It’s hard but rewarding work. You have the opportunity to help so many people, and the feeling that gives you at the end of the day is like no other. You are affecting real, positive change in people’s lives and making very important differences in their day to day living. Where else can you work where people are this happy to see you?

Why did you choose to join the MTAM?
For me, it was the only choice. It was the only Association that held up the profession with honesty, to the standards of practice and ethics I wanted to emulate.

What’s your favourite MTAM member benefit?
The support is phenomenal! They genuinely care. And the Annual Conference is also a favourite of mine. It is a huge undertaking, brought together with the help of a lot of volunteers who love the profession. We can update our skills, take new education, shop for new products and connect with old friends. I’ve also made new connections (and new hires!) at the Conference. I look forward to it every year.