COVID-19 Updates


(Last updated - April 9)


On April 1st MTAM received writted confirmation from the Province that RMTs were now eligible to receive the vaccine.

The Manitoba Government appreciates the hard work and dedication of all essential workers and recognizes the increased risks they face on the job. Vaccine eligibility has been expanded to include various health providers including Registered Massage Therapists. 

For appointments book online or call the Vaccination Call Centre at 1-844-626-8222 (1-844-MAN-VACC).  Daily hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • You will be screened to ensure you meet current eligibility criteria when you call to book an appointment.
  • View current eligibility criteria here.
  • RMTs fit in under the criteria: 
    • Healthcare workers, who may or may not provide direct patient care, who work in outpatient healthcare settings including: clinics,...

We understand that additional identification may be required when you arrive for your appointment. It's recommended that you bring a photo of your current MTAM certificate as verification of your occupation along with your Manitoba Health card, consent form and regular photo ID. 

Staff members (reception staff etc.) who work in RMT clinics, should bring a letter from the clinic owner/employer as verification of their employment in an eligible clinic setting.

Review the Vaccination Appointment checklist to help prepare for your appointment.

Clinic Information and Checklist
Resources and Consent Forms




On February 10, 2021, the Minister of Department of Health and Seniors Care signed an updated order under the Regulated Health Professions Act expanding the number of professions able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine under certain conditions. The order included Registered Massage Therapists as one of the professions to support the COVID-19 immunization efforts of the province. 

To be eligible to apply for positions on the immunization team as employees of Shared Health Manitoba, MTAM members must have
  • a valid Level C CPR or higher (no more than 2 years old)
    • MTAM has scheduled two CPR classes in April to help accommodate an increased demand. Register on the MTAM Coming Events page.
and be a member in good standing in one of the following membership classes
  • Practicing
  • Non-practicing
  • Retiree
All RMTs hired by Shared Health will be required to complete the Micro-Credential Course (theory and practical for 8.5 hours) through the Red River College (RRC):
  • The Province and Shared Health will pay you for this training time. 
  • The full course includes six online theoretical modules, a hands-on immunization lab, and RRC PHIMS online practical course.
  • MTAM has requested details on the locations available for in-person/hands-on training and will update the Vaccine Update page on our website as those details are made available.

Once hired as an immunizer you will become a casual employee of Shared Health. Your work in vaccination centres will make you eligible to receive the vaccine. It is not mandatory to receive the vaccine in order to work in a vaccination centre. Questions regarding how to go about receiving your vaccine should be directed to Shared Health upon being hired.

There are opportunities to work shifts depending on your overall availability. Shared Health is responsible for assigning shifts and scheduling, and the remuneration and other benefits will be based on the compensation package offered to casual immunization employees. 
The pay scale ranges from $25.73 – $34.43 depending on the applicant's overall qualifications.

Super-sites are located in Winnipeg, Thompson, Brandon and Selkirk with an additional site coming soon to Morden. Pop-up clinics will be added throughout the province as needed to meet the demand in each region. More information on super-sites and pop-up locations is available here

There may be a higher demand for immunizers in some health regions. Immunizers will be asked if they are interested and able to travel to other health regions and perhaps stay overnight or for multiple days. Travel costs (flight, vehicle, accommodations, etc.) will be covered by Shared Health. Please indicate your ability to travel in your email response where travel information is requested.

Shared Health has asked MTAM to assist in identifying RMTs to participate in the province’s immunization efforts. This expedited application process was announced to members by email on March 10th and closed March 15th at 4:00pm.

Members who wish to apply for any of the immunization clinic jobs after this date are directed to make their application directly through the Shared Health website and will need a letter of good standing from MTAM.

Past Advocacy Efforts - RMT Access to Vaccinations

Since vaccinations began in Manitoba, MTAM members have been eager for information on when RMTs would be eligible to receive the vaccine. 

The MTAM Board understands that receiving the vaccine is a personal decision and that those who work in higher risk environments should be able to receive it based on their work environment rather than soley base on age if they choose.

A letter was sent from MTAM to the Vaccination Task Force to help them better understand the work environment of an RMT and how RMTs are part of the circle of care for many higher risk Manitobans. 

Read the Letter

This year, MTAM was invited to take part in meetings with a newly formed coalition of healthcare organizations.

The goals of this group are to engage in joint advocacy whenever possible including issues related to COVID-19 and vaccinations.

Other organizations currently involved in this coalition are the provincial professional associations for physiotherapy, athletic therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacists, family physicians, nurses, psychologists, chiropractors, dentists, and denturists. 

We look forward to working with this group to advocate for health professionals in Manitoba.