Obligations and Standards for Massage Therapists 

Massage Therapists are bound to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure they are fulfilling their professional obligations. These Standards of Practice and Ethics have been agreed to nationally. MTAM Members follow By-Laws of the Association and practice recommendations that are created by the Board on behalf of members. 


National Standards

These competencies and performance indicators are used as a base across Canada by Regulators, Associations, and Massage Therapy Educators to ensure the profession is moving toward one minimum standard of practice expectations. 


Policies & Practice Recommendations

MTAM Policies and Practice Recommendations are discussed debated and researched by members, for members. 


Acupuncture Policy                                        Advertising & Marketing Policy                 Criminal Record Check Policy      


Criminal Convictions Policy                          Privacy & Personal Information Policy     Transitioning of Members Policy


Practice Recommendations

  Alcohol in Spas and Clinics                   Preventing Insurance Fraud                     


Title & Credentials in Practice                    Practicing in Other Jursidictions         


Best Practice Documents

Evidence-Informed Decision Making        Financial Accountability                           Practice Environment



Key Clinical Practices                                 Patient Health Records                                



Informed Consent & Associated Practice Recommendations

Informed Consent                                      


Professional Conduct Basics

Examples of Professional Misconduct

Advertising & Marketing                            Business Practices                                      General Practice


Patient Care                                                Record Keeping                                         Sexual Ethics


Guide to Independent Contractors vs. Employees for RMT's & Clinics

Relationship Boundaries in Healthcare

Thanks to the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia for permission to use the following Boundaries document. The information is well presented and is wholly applicable to Registered Massage Therapists. This is the same Document used by our colleagues at the College of Physiotherpists of Manitoba.