2018 Massage Therapy Awareness Week is October 21-27

The driving force behind Massage Therapy Awareness Week was to remind the public that massage therapy was on their healthcare benefit plans in hopes it would inspire appointments before year-end. Today, we use this week to highlight aspects of the massage therapy profession and to increase the general public's awareness.

The MTAM Marketing Communication team has worked hard to put together another great line-up to create awareness for massage therapy, including:

  • Posters
  • Newspaper advertisements in Winnipeg and Regional newspapers
  • Media press releases


  • The ever popular contest to Win $250 in Massage Therapy! 

Contest will run on Facebook - Full details and contest rules to be available shortly


Click to view the poster in detail or print an 8.5 x 11" version. Email us if you would like an 11 x 17" version.


Would you like help putting together something for MTAW for your clinic/practice? Contact us anytime!  Visit your Member Portal to view our full selection of posters and brochures.

Current Television Initiatives
Morning show TV appearances are being planned during Awareness Week. Dates and channels TBD.

Facebook & Search Engine Marketing Ads
We will be doing more Facebook and Google Adwords Campaign = affordable and very high reach to Manitobans in Winnipeg and Regionally!


Winnipeg & Regional Newspaper Advertising

We are considering Regional Newspaper Advertising again in 2018. Members are encouraged to reach out to the newspaper contacts below if they would like to place their own Awareness Week ads.

Last Year's Campaign was a great success.