Each year, there are a number of community organizations looking for RMT's to help them provide massage therapy for wellness days, post-event massage for sporting events, walks, runs, and a host of other great opportunities.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, earn education credits, reach potential new clients and for that great feeling you get when you give back! Check back often to see who needs your help...

Stronger Together - April 29

Manitoba Blue Cross is raising funds for Cancer Care. As one of our week long events we are hosting a wellness day in which we hope to include Yoga, Massage and other Wellness related options for our staff to learn a bit more about ways  to improve over all wellness and buck the system to avoid Cancer.

The massages will be 15-20 minutes with all donations going 100% to cancer care.
We encourage providers to bring business cards and any hand outs they want as well.

Any therapists that want to donate their time during the day (noon till 3pm) can contact me directly at james.james@mb.bluecross.ca

Click on the image to see event details.


Mama Bears Child Loss Retreat - October 7-11

This is a non profit retreat for women who have lost a child. The retreat is taking place at Pinewood Lodge at Dorothy Lake in Whiteshell.

For more information please visit the website: www.mamabearsretreat.ca
To volunteer or for questions please contact mamabearsretreat@gmail.com