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Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba Announces Expansion of the popular website

Popular massage therapy information website redesigned to offer visitors more options for exploration and now in both of Canada’s official languages to meet the growing use by people from across the country.


WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) announced today the re-launch of its groundbreaking information website in both official languages and with more comprehensive information and research on conditions that massage therapy can help with. 


The site is an interactive exploration of the conditions that can benefit from professional massage therapy treatment. The new website keeps the interactive design but adds enhanced content and is now available in both official languages. 


The site is also being expanded to include more scientific research so visitors can learn more about the growing body of evidence for massage therapy as a way to relieve chronic pain, rehabilitate injury, reduce muscle tension, and manage stress for Canadians.

The site, originally created in 2015 as an interactive website for Manitobans to discover how massage therapy can help them has been regularly visited by people from all across Canada, which was the impetus for creating partnership with other associations to expand the site.


The MTAM has proudly partnered with the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA), and the New Brunswick Massotherapy Association (NBMA) and is supported by all the members of the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA) member associations who represent the majority of fully-qualified, professional massage therapists across Canada (over 15,000).


“We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides.” said Tricia Weidenbacher, Managing Director of the MTAM. "We believe this new site will allow our visitors from across Canada to have a very informative experience and we look forward to continuing to grow the information.“


Visitors are encouraged to explore the website at and to find a fully-qualified massage therapist in their province.




Research Resources This website, created by the MTAM, is an interactive site for the public that also lists the related evidence-based research relating to how Massage Therapy can help patients.

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