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Spotlight Event!

Please join us for our 5th Annual Research Symposium!

The MTAM Research Symposium is an annual event that is organized by our very own Research committee!

The goal of the Symposium is to provide massage therapists, students, allied healthcare practitioners and the public an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations while connecting with colleagues and researchers.

Research is crucial to moving the profession forward. It inspires and educates therapists on how to apply the latest science when working with clients.

Even though research about manual therapies can challenge tradition, it strengthens our profession, and provides guidance for massage therapists to be as effective as possible.

November 8th, 2020 | 10:00am-2:00pm 

 This year we are very excited to welcome two fantastic Keynote Speakers,  PAMELA FITCH, M. Ad. Ed., RMT RUTH WERNER, BCTMB!

Pam will be presenting Translating Personal Reactions into Professional Responses 

This keynote address explores how to translate raw, personal reactions arising from clinical situations into appropriate professional responses. It draws on literature from across several disciplines including psychology, social work, adult education and professional learning.  Massage Therapy has much to teach us about ourselves, our clients and others. With touch as the medium, few other health professions encounter such an unvarnished degree of humanity and intimacy with clients. While responding to clients with empathy is relatively easy when we like an individual, it can be much more challenging to remain professional when a client triggers strong emotions.

Ruth will be presenting 
Anxiety, Breath, and COVID ~ ABCs of Massage Therapy for COVID-19 Survivors 

Anxiety causes shortness of breath. People recovering from COVID-19 also have shortness of breath.  Shortness of breath causes anxiety—which can exacerbate shortness of breath. Into this maelstrom of fear, anxiety, and problems with breathing, touch may have a profoundly positive impact. 
Join Ruth Werner for an exploration of what the research says about anxiety, breathing, and touch—and how we may be able to apply those concepts to bring our best to clients who are recovering from COVID-19, as well as those whose anxiety causes them to worry about breathing. 

We will also be welcoming the 2019 winner of the MTAM Research Award, 
Sarah Bohunicky B.Kin., CAT(C) from the Integrative Musculoskeletal Research Lab and Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba. 
Sarah will be giving an update on their research project
Myofascial release of the pectoral fascia: effects on forward shoulder posture, muscle activation and reaching performance.

Please register by visiting the MTAM Coming Events page on the MTAM website.