MTAM Business Advertising

Reach over 1000 Massage Therapists in Manitoba!

MTAM Business Advertising section is dedicated to providing organizations with the opportunity to advertise and reach more than a thousand Massage Therapists in Manitoba and those who visit our site regularly.

Business Advertising can include Massage Therapy related services, equipment for sale, upcoming education courses, etc.

Links and reminders to the Business Advertising pages are regularly sent to our members. They also appear to the greater public for your benefit in reaching other healthcare professionals who frequent our site.

*As we are just starting this service, information on web page analytics will become available with the year.


  • Every Advertisement will require approval before being listed.
  • Business Advertisements all include basic text as an introduction and a thumbnail of your uploaded 8.5 x 11” PDF.
  • Advertisements are paid for by the month.
  • You will upload your advertisement after successful payment.
  • Each month costs $95 plus gst and will include at least 3 reminders in that month to members to visit the Ad Pages.


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