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Continuing Education

Continuing Education & Continuing Competency Program 

Continuing competency is a cornerstone of ethical and professional practice in health care. The MTAM implemented a compulsory Continuing Education program in 2002 and currently all MTAM members participate in the Education & Continuing Competency Program.

The program is designed on a two-year cycle, and each member is assigned to a particular two-year cycle based on their graduation year and year of joining the MTAM. Each practicing and non-practicing member must achieve 24 approved continuing competency credits within each cycle; at least 16 of these credits must be "primary credits" while the remaining 8 may be either "primary" or "secondary" credits. If a member does not achieve the requirements of the continuing competency program, they risk losing their membership. 

Continuing Education Course Approval & Accreditation


The MTAM currently approves education courses for members to fulfill their Continuing Education needs. This role will eventually transition to a Regulatory College, once in place. Read more about our road to regulation and current updates.

The MTAM Education & Continuing Competency Approval Committee meets regularly with the responsibility to review continuing education workshops, seminars, and courses for possible continuing competency credits.

To complete the process, the Committee requires detailed information from the course provider/instructor who is seeking credit approval. The Committee encourages members seeking approval for a course to send the course provider to our on-line approval application:

Please contact the MTAM Education Coordinator if you have any questions.
Tricia Weidenbacher
Tel: (204) 927-7976