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Join The Massage Therapy Association

Join over 1100 of your colleagues in Manitoba. Help us grow the profession and continue providing you with the programs and services that will ensure Massage Therapy is one of the most professional, highly-utilized and appreciated health care services in Manitoba.

About Our Members

Massage Therapists who join the MTAM respect they are in a healthcare profession. In an unregulated environment especially, it is difficult for the public to differentiate when they are seeing a professional massage therapist. Our members know that our mission is to help them become the best they can be.

Our members believe in Lifelong Learning. Relevant education makes RMT's better practitioners. Through lifelong learning, RMT's know they can stay up-to-date on current health needs of Manitobans. They learn new treatment techniques, pay attention to the trends, and critically address emerging issues so they are ready to competently address patients needs.


Benefits of Membership

  • Professional Liability Insurance Program: the MTAM program enables lower insurance costs thanks to our group buying power. (Additional Insurance is available for personal and business as well).
  • Continuing Education & Knowledge Centre: the MTAM provides courses and favorable pricing on popular programs at our dedicated Education Centre.
  • Practice Advice and Mentorships: We have dedicated practice advisors to help our members with all of their practice and career needs. We match members with mentors, give advice on setting patient boundaries with care, running your business, legal challenges, contracts, and so much more!
  • Communications & Marketing: the MTAM is active in promoting Massage Therapy in Manitoba to the masses through web, television, print campaigns, and social media. We also create posters, hand out and other items that members can use in their practice to educate and market to patients.
  • Affinity Program: the MTAM offers discounts through third-party suppliers for popular business, education, and personal items.
  • Health & Dental Benefits: the MTAM offers Group Dental and Health benefits to members as an option.
  • Networking & Professional Connections: the MTAM provides professional networking opportunities for members. Whether you’re looking to connect through educational courses, conferences, or our special interest groups. Networking iskey to mentorship, lifelong learning, and career success!
  • Advocacy with Integrity: the MTAM is a voice for the profession in Manitoba and we do that with integrity and with our member's needs as the inspiration for our actions and advocacy.
  • Regulation & Public Protection: for almost 45 years, the MTAM has provided the massage therapy profession with a self-regulating body to ensure the highest standards of massage training and practice, and provide protection for the public. The MTAM has been collaboratively working with other associations representing Massage Therapy with the end goal of achieving provincial regulation.
  • Events: the MTAM puts on a popular Annual Conference and other great events all year.
  • Research & Publications Library: the MTAM leads research programs and houses a number of books, DVD’s and information for members to use and enjoy.

Current RMT's Moving to Manitoba

The education of out-of-province graduates making application for membership are evaluated by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis and against the National Competency entry to practice standards. Please Contact our Education Manager, Christy Cook for more information.

Practicing Membership

The MTAM welcomes applications for membership from graduated Massage Therapists who have successfully completed a two-year massage therapy diploma program from a recognized school of massage therapy*, and who have attained a minimum grade point average of 70%.
*The MTAM recognizes all schools that are recognized by the regulatory colleges in other provinces. We support a minimum entry to practice education of 2200 hours of instruction, or approximately two years of academic and practical/clinical education based on an approved curriculum. Visit the Schools of Massage Therapy page for more information.
All applicants must submit an application long with a copy of their massage therapy diploma and final transcript of marks from all years of study in massage therapy. Applicants must also provide a copy of current CPR-level C certificate and an original Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search completed no more than 6 months prior to the application date. 

Membership Reinstatement & Return to Practice
If you were previously a practicing member of the MTAM and would like to apply for reinstatement of membership, please complete the following Reinstatement Application and provide all the required information and documentation. 

2018 Reinstatement Application (PDF download)

Returning to Practice: RMT's who do not practice massage therapy for more than five consecutive years (60 months) are generally not eligible to reinstate or obtain practicing membership with the MTAM but an application can be made and should include additional information to allow the Board of Directors to evaluate circumstances on a case-by-case basis. This information could include evidence of current or recent massage therapy practice in another jurisdiction, mentoring, or other indications that the person has been eager in keeping updated on their education and practice.

Non-Practicing Membership

Non-Practicing members of the MTAM are individuals who meet the requirements for practicing membership (including ongoing professional development and continuing competency activities), but who are not practicing massage therapy within Manitoba at this time. Non-practicing membership does not include liability insurance. 

If you are a practicing member of the MTAM and want to change your membership status to non-practicing (or vice versa), please contact the MTAM office. You will need to provide a written request to change your membership status. 
Individuals may only have non-practicing membership in the MTAM for up to five consecutive years (60 months), except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Exceptional circumstances may include evidence of current or recent massage therapy practice in another jurisdiction.

Student Membership

If you are currently enrolled at a recognized school of massage therapy in Manitoba, you can apply to join the MTAM as a student member. Student membership is free for eligible individuals. Students are non-practicing members.

For Clinics, Spas, and Others: Associate Membership

Associate Members are individuals, clinics, businesses and other organizations who would like to be a part of our community of Registered Massage Therapists. They support our mission to promote and enhance the art, science and philosophy of massage therapy in a professional and ethical manner to ensure the highest level of competency based practice for massage therapy within the province of Manitoba.