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My massage therapist would work with me to understand what my needs were and what to focus on.


I was referred for massage therapy to treat some of the post-cancer complications. Massage therapy has been huge in learning how to use my body as it is now as a cancer survivor.


Massage therapy has been the best treatment plan for me. I get a lot more sleep and feel less tension in my back. Massage therapy really helps your frame of mind.


I use massage therapy as part of my ongoing post-surgery recovery. Part of my recovery process was using massage therapy so I could get back to work and get back into my life. I don’t think that would be as mobile and pain-free as I am right now without regular massage therapy.


Massage therapy has had a huge impact in my life. Without it my mobility would be greatly affected.


I first started going for massage therapy after a motor vehicle accident and I found that it was really helpful in helping me to recover. Sometimes chronic pain can affect your mood. Having massage therapy can be effective in making you feel better overall and not just in your body.


Massage therapy has made a huge difference in my life. Being able to do things in my life without pain is an amazing thing.


I had a spinal cord injury that was causing a lot of problems. Massage therapy helps me with my day-to-day, being able to live more comfortably.



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