Practicing Membership

MTAM accepts membership applications from Massage Therapists who have graduated from a recognized massage therapy school with a two-year diploma program and achieved a minimum GPA of 70%.

The school must be recognized by the regulatory colleges in other provinces and provide a minimum of 2,200 hours of instruction or approximately two years of academic and practical/clinical education based on an approved curriculum. 

For more information, please visit the Becoming a Massage Therapist page.

Are you a student who’s graduating soon? New graduates are eligible for a reduced rate on their membership fees and liability insurance when they join as a full practicing member. Click here for details.







All applicants must submit an application along with the checklist of items outlined in the application.

New Membership Application Form (fillable PDF)
Criminal Record Check Online Application (Winnipeg Police Service)
Criminal Record Check (Brandon Police Service)
Policy – Criminal Record Declaration 2024

Important Note: Your Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Search must be completed within the past 6 months, through the Police Service responsible for your jurisdiction. Record checks and searches by third-party organizations will not be accepted. Please contact us if you need clarification.

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