Non-practicing Membership

Non-practicing members of MTAM are individuals who meet the requirements for practicing membership (including ongoing professional development and continuing competency activities), but who are not practicing massage therapy within Manitoba at this time. Non-practicing membership does not include liability insurance.

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Status Change Information

If you are a practicing member of MTAM and want to change your membership status to non-practicing (or vice versa), please complete the Status Change Request Form and email it to the MTAM office.

If you plan to continue to be non-practicing at the time you are renewing your membership, simply select the non-practicing option on your renewal.

When you are ready to return to practicing status, complete the Practicing Status Request Form and email it to the MTAM office. You may not return to practice until your request form has been processed which may take 3-5 business days.

Note: Individuals can only maintain non-practicing membership in MTAM for up to five consecutive years (60 months), unless there are exceptional circumstances as approved at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Examples of exceptional circumstances include evidence of current or recent massage therapy practice in another jurisdiction.

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