Benefits of Massage Therapy – Back Pain

Low back pain is very common, but a precise cause is often not found. Researchers found that 60-80% of people will experience non-specific back pain at some time in their life.

It is a leading reason that people miss work or are limited from enjoying their regular activities. Low-back pain is also considered the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Massage therapy can help people with low-back pain reduce their pain, improve their physical function, and improve their overall quality of life.

Some causes of low back pain include traumatic injury, lumbar sprain or strain, and postural strain.

How Massage Therapy Can Help

Massage therapy has been found to help people with low-back pain reduce short-term pain and disability. Massage therapy can also help people with chronic back-pain find some pain relief, with benefits lasting up to six months for many people.

RMTs may also recommend a home-based exercise routine which has been found to help people with low-back pain decrease both the amount of pain they are feeling and their pain intensity. Hands-on massage combined with at-home exercise can be even more effective in helping people with chronic low back pain reduce their pain intensity than massage alone. ­

People with chronic low-back pain who receive massage therapy they are able to remain more active and stay in their jobs longer. Decreased disability and improved range of motion is reported by people with low back pain.

Other symptoms associated with low back pain include depression, anxiety, and sleep concerns. Massage therapy can help people with low-back pain improve their sleep and reduce their symptoms of anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety have been found to be higher in people with chronic back pain, and anxiety can have a significant impact on disability and quality of life when people have chronic low-back pain. People with low back pain also regularly report a reduced quality of life.

Massage therapy is a great option, especially when combined with exercise therapy which could be recommended by an RMT, to help people with low-back pain reduce their pain and improve their function.


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