GST/HST Exemption Update

Axe the GST on massage therapy
BREAKING NEWS: Brad Vis, MP for Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon in BC, presented petition e4662 in Parliament on April 19th. It was signed by 18,362 Canadians requesting that massage therapy be included in the list of practitioners exempt from charging GST/HST for their services.
MP Vis's presentation is the result of MTAM's and CMTA's ongoing advocacy to advance the practice of registered massage therapy in Canada.

The Canadian Massage Therapist Association (CMTA) is advocating for the removal of the HST/GST from massage therapy services in Canada. As a long-standing member of the CMTA, MTAM continues to support and contribute to these advocacy efforts.

In February 2024, a formal proposal was submitted to the Minister of Finance for consideration as part of the budget process. Unfortunately, this request was not incorporated into the April 16 budget announcements. While disappointed, the CMTA remains committed to continuing its efforts to communicate with government officials and departments, ensuring that HST/GST exemption on massage therapy services be given due consideration. Massage therapy is an integral part of individuals’ health care choices; eliminating the tax will improve the affordability and accessibility for Canadians.

Read the full CMTA update below:



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