New Premier Announced

Congratulations to Premier-Designate Kinew! Following the recent Provincial election and change in government, MTAM reached out to Premier-Designate Kinew to offer our congratulations on his election and to request a meeting with him and his Cabinet Ministers. We shared our eagerness to discuss how MTAM can collaborate to promote the health and well-being of Manitobans, massage therapy regulation and our profession's transition into the RHPA. Massage Therapists play a crucial role in healthcare by assisting individuals with a wide range of issues, including soft tissue damage, injuries, chronic diseases, pain management, and mobility impairments. Additionally, massage therapy is a common treatment for stress relief and maintaining overall well-being. Understanding the importance of healthcare in our new government's agenda, we believe that MTAM's expertise in massage therapy can contribute significantly to achieving our shared goals of improving the health and well-being of Manitobans. MTAM looks to having the opportunity to collaborate with the new Premier and cabinet members to discuss how the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba can support this new government's vision in the areas of healthcare and well-being.
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